Frequently Asked Questions

A note for Windows XP users

Linux packages

We only provide deb packages (for deb based distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu). In order to install on a rpm based distrubution such as Fedora you may try to use the deb to rpm converter named 'alien', probably already available in your system. We would like to hear from you how successful you were with installing via alien. If you are willing to take care of rpm packaging of Wargus you are very welcome!

Another way of installing Wargus for just any supported operating system is compiling it youself. See How to build Wargus from sources

How to build Wargus/War1gus from sources

Build dependencies

Compilation and installation

For straight source builds on supported systems, you can always study .travis.yml or (for Windows) appveyor.yml, which are used by the automatic build system to build each commit.

On Windows you can replace steps 4-6 by generating Windows NSIS Installer which create classic Windows setup executable. Enable by cmake param -DENABLE_NSIS